Establish your Business Presence in Dynamic SoMa!
Your business address with us: 350 Townsend Street, Suite XXX
CO-Spot offers state-of-the-art Virtual COworking Office services catering to small business owners, freelancers, legal professionals, start up companies and entrepreneurs from around the globe who want to establish or expand their business in San Francisco.
$139.20/ 6 months
$187.20/ 6 months
$351.90/ 6 months
$453.90/ 6 months
Setup Fee $25.00 $25.00 None None
Mailing address only
Your own private mailbox number
Business mailing address, NOT a P.O. Box
Email notification of received mail and packages
Detailed list of received mail and packages (sender, date, status, etc.)
Letter shredding
Mail Forwarding on request
Letter scanning to a PDF file 5 letters / month 10 letters / month 15 letters / month
CO-Spot Facility Privileges INDIE BASIC PLUS PREMIUM
Conference room access 5 hours / month 10 hours / month
SpherePhoneâ„¢ (add-on) INDIE BASIC PLUS PREMIUM
Dedicated phone number $12.95/ month $12.95/ month $9.95/ month $8.95/ month
Phone usage/minutes $0.06/ minute $0.06/ minute $0.06/ minute $0.05/ minute
Dedicated toll-free phone number $19.95/ month $16.95/ month $14.95/ month $12.95/ month
Toll-free phone usage/minutes $0.07/ minute $0.07/ minute $0.07/ minute $0.07/ minute
Text message notifications on missed calls $0.02/ message $0.02/ message $0.02/ message $0.02/ message
Voice message answering (optional) $0.10/ month $0.10/ month $0.10/ month $0.10/ month
Personal message for voice mail (optional) $1.00/ month $1.00/ month $1.00/ month $1.00/ month
Unlimited extensions
Make outgoing calls
Number porting
Extras/ Additional services and charges INDIE BASIC PLUS PREMIUM
Joint Account - Add additional names to your account (optional) $15.00/ month $15.00/ month $12.00/ month $10.00/ month
Additional letters scanned $1.00/ letter $0.75/ letter $0.50/ letter
Letter storage/Per letter $0.50/ letter/ month $0.40/ letter/ month $0.30/ letter/ month $0.20/ letter/ month
Parcel/Package storage $1.50 / pound / month $1.50 / pound / month $1.00 / pound / month $0.75 / pound / month
Letter forwarding within USA via USPS regular mail $2.00 / letter + postage $1.50 / letter + postage $1.00 / letter + postage
Package forwarding $12.00/ package + postage $10.00/ package + postage $9.00/ package + postage
Business hours are Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. - Mail pick up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. - US national letter forwarding using regular mail: United State Postal Service fee + Co-Spot fee. - National and International forwarding using FedEx, UPS or USPS with a tracking number: An additional %15 fee will apply. - Forwarded letters: Letters, including the envelope, weighs less than or equal to 4 oz. are considered as one letter forwarded. Letters greater than 4 oz. are considered as two letters including the envelope, and so forth, forward requests submitted after 3:30PM PST will be processed the next business day. - Letters storage fee: All letters not picked within 30 days a storage fee will apply. - Packages handling and storage fee: Charges applied immediately on package storage and handling. - Scanning requests submitted after 3:30 PM PST will be processed the next business day. Magazines, books and booklets are not scannable mail items. Scanning service is only available Monday through Friday. Letters delivered on Saturday shall be posted and/or scanned the next business day. All internationally forwarded mail must be tracked. Any additional charges above will be directly applied to your credit card.
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